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2023 Feast of Tabernacles: Jekyll Island, Georgia

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2023 Feast of Tabernacles

Jekyll Island, Georgia

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This year marked the 60th anniversary of when members first assembled on Jekyll Island for the Feast of Tabernacles back in 1963. Originally, a tent was set up to accommodate the thousands of attendees who gathered on the island, but we are now blessed to meet in the modern and spacious Jekyll Island Convention Center.

From around the United States and Canada, 682 members traveled to worship our great God for the Feast of Tabernacles and Eighth Day. Numerous families with children attended, which provided adequate numbers in all age groups. We were blessed with 100 teens, plus another 80 children in the age bracket of 5-12. Our senior luncheon was well received with 176 in attendance.

Feast activities included a family dance, a teen dance, meet-and-greet gatherings for the teens, young adults and singles, two youth education classes, teen bowling and golf, family day and a senior luncheon. Our family day activity provided an opportunity for 450+ members of all ages to come together for a picnic, fellowship and games on the beach. The weather throughout the festival was pleasant with highs in the 80s and lows in the upper 50s.

The messages provided this year were very uplifting. They were a good reminder of God’s beautiful plan and also relayed a sense of urgency to continue to prepare for the coming Kingdom of God. Many commented that they felt this Feast offered a good balance of the physical and the spiritual blessings that God provides. Several Bible studies were provided for the members, along with studies directed towards the teens and young adults.

Those who have attended Jekyll Island over the past decades know that it provides a peaceful and millennial setting. All glory and honor belong to God for inviting us to His Feasts, which remind us of our glorious future in His family!