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2023 Feast of Tabernacles: Ouidah, Benin

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2023 Feast of Tabernacles

Ouidah, Benin

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The picturesque town of Ouidah in Benin was the setting for the Feast of Tabernacles, attended by 23 participants. The Feast was marked by a week rich in spiritual teachings, special activities for children, Bible studies and a recreational evening that brought joy and entertainment to all.

Every day of the Feast, we listened to inspiring Bible messages. These moments of meditation and prayer enabled everyone to reconnect with their faith and strengthen their spirituality. The teachings covered a variety of themes relevant to everyday life and encouraged reflection and discussion.

An important part of the celebration was the introduction of special studies for children. These educational sessions were designed to impart moral and spiritual values to the youngest. Children participated actively, asking questions, and expressing their understanding of the teachings.

Bible studies were at the heart of the Feast. Participants had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the Scriptures and explore their faith together. These moments of group study encouraged discussion and the sharing of personal spiritual experiences.

The evening recreation was a time of relaxation and entertainment for us all. It included humorous sketches that kept the audience laughing, as well as enthusiastically performed dances. The excursion to the beach allowed everyone to relax and create happy memories together.

The Feast was a spiritual and entertaining experience. The biblical instruction, children’s activities, Bible studies and evening recreation all contributed to creating unforgettable memories. The Feast not only strengthened everyone's faith, but it also reinforced the bonds and unity among the participants. We express our gratitude to God and to those who supported us.