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2023 Feast of Tabernacles: Panama City Beach, Florida

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2023 Feast of Tabernacles

Panama City Beach, Florida

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The Feast of Tabernacles and Eighth Day were enjoyed by 727 brethren in Panama City Beach, Florida. From the outset, it was clear that God had placed His name here this year!

Each day, we were fed a rich diet of encouraging messages that focused us on our future roles in the coming Kingdom of God. We learned more about how we will be working with the coming King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ, to help restore humanity. In addition, we were given a reminder of the wonderful changes that will be coming for mankind, the animals and the planet itself during this glorious time.

This year we were blessed to have three choirs—adult, teen and children’s. In addition, several other pieces of special music were performed, adding a very enjoyable element of musical praise to our great God at His Feast.

God blessed us with wonderful weather as well. There was plenty of sun, and temperatures in the mid-80s made swimming and enjoying the beach together a great way to fellowship.

New this year was having our family day activity at St. Andrews State Park. Activities included face painting, a sandcastle building contest, a water balloon toss and a limbo dance. In addition, brethren enjoyed talking and playing cards, cornhole and volleyball. The day was topped off with an ice cream treat for everyone!

The seniors enjoyed a special luncheon at Capt. Jack’s Family Buffet on Tuesday. We had exclusive use of the restaurant and a special menu prepared just for us, where 94 brethren gathered to eat, laugh and fellowship.

Many special memories were made at the Feast this year including an engagement and one family who was keeping the Feast for the first time meeting a member who was keeping her 72nd Feast. We collectively look forward to the day when the current dream of the Kingdom of God becomes a reality for all mankind!