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2023 Feast of Tabernacles: Penang, Malaysia

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2023 Feast of Tabernacles

Penang, Malaysia

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This year’s Feast of Tabernacles site at the Batu Ferringhi Bayview Hotel in Penang, Malaysia, was highly anticipated, having not been held here since 2019. Over 132 members attended, hailing from many different countries including Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, the United States and Malaysia itself. The brethren were blessed
to have the Feast held at the same accommodation as 2019 and previous years, allowing for all the members to stay, fellowship and attend services all in the same building.

A theme quickly developed throughout the Feast held in the Oriental Ballroom, as the messages from Feast coordinator Paul Vaughan, and visiting elders from the United States, Dan Dowd and John Elliott, focused on the meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles, the imminence of Christ’s return and the qualities we develop in this life for our future role as kings and priests.

Each service was blessed with uplifting special music, finishing on the Eighth Day with the Feast choir performing arrangements of “Ancient Words,” written by Lynn Deshazo, and “When Christ Shall Come” from the UCG hymnal.

Many organized activities were enjoyed by the brethren during the Feast. Almost everyone came together for the fun and games night in which teams of six competed against each other to complete challenges with items like cups, balloons, chopsticks and streamers.

On the third day of the Feast, members went to witness God’s creation at Entopia, a butterfly farm in Penang hosting hundreds of species of plants, fish, reptiles and, of course, a wondrous variety of colorful butterflies.

On the fifth day, members took a Swiss-designed funicular railway, ascending 700 meters to visit Penang Hill, which features panoramic views that oversee almost the entire island.

On the sixth day, members took a speedboat from the Hotel to Monkey Beach, where they enjoyed a catered meal and a swim, drawing attention from the curious macaques nearby.

On the night of the Eighth Day, the brethren enjoyed fellowship over a buffet dinner held in the lavish Crystal Ballroom, welcoming the last Holy Day of the Feast.

Thanks to the planning, the members and, of course, God and His blessing of protection, the Feast in Penang, Malaysia, was a success!

Rhys Neilson