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2023 Feast of Tabernacles: Sabaudia, Italy

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2023 Feast of Tabernacles

Sabaudia, Italy

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At a stunning Tyrrhenian Sea resort, Oasi di Kufra, in Sabaudia, Italy, a total of 314 brethren from 17 countries worshipped and fellowshipped together in a beautiful spirit of unity.

Two services were conducted in Italian and translated into English with the remaining services in English translated into Italian. Messages focused the brethren’s minds on the reasons why we keep the Feast, how we are to govern, character traits needed to successfully participate in the Kingdom and anticipating the Eighth Day coming to fruition.

Members were treated to live pianists for the hymns and special music every service. This included five pieces sung by the festival choir, culminating in a stirring rendition of “Coro di Schiavi Ebrai” sung in Italian, which melted the local members’ hearts.

Three Italian members were baptized which brought joyous applause as we celebrated their commitment as they embarked on their spiritual journey.

One of the standouts of the Feast was the inclusive three meals per day, providing the brethren further opportunities to celebrate and rejoice in God’s blessings with their brothers and sisters from around the world.

The traditional activities of the talent show, dance and day excursions to Rome and Pompeii were well supported. Due to the exceptional balmy weather the beach became the center of afternoon fellowship with swimming, walking, games and energetic beach volleyball games.

A group of enthusiastic hikers scaled the nearby Monte Circeo with spectacular views of the resort and beaches. Following the Eighth Day, the Feast concluded with a multi-course farewell dinner with live music, singers and two huge cakes with the UCG logo iced on top.

Grazie to Angelo and the 40 Italian brethren for hosting us this year.