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2023 Feast of Tabernacles: Titisee, Germany

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2023 Feast of Tabernacles

Titisee, Germany

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This year, 190 members from 11 countries gathered in Titisee in the Black Forest, Germany, to keep the Feast. The small town, on an idyllic lake at 840 meters (2,760 feet) above sea level, is surrounded by pine forests and mountains.

A highlight was the Mystery Dinner, which took place early in the Feast in private holiday homes, with the aim of encouraging hospitality and mixing brethren from different congregations and age groups. Participants registered as either hosts or guests, and with their language preference of English or Deutsch. Hosts prepared a meal for their planned number of guests, without knowing who their guests would be! Likewise, the guests arrived at the address of their host, without knowing who their host or other guests were. Only the organizer of the Mystery Dinner knew where, and with whom, everybody would be spending their evening. This led to a lot of suspense and excitement.

More than 100 participants met in 12 temporary dwellings for a lovely evening of fellowship and fine food. Participants commented that it helped them meet new people and to get to know Church members in a more relaxed environment.

Other highlights were the bus trip to Colmar, a quaint medieval town in France and family day at an indoor water park.

Services were held in the Kurhaus, the local town hall, adorned with magnificent floral displays and a grand piano to accompany hymns. Messages were given in German and English with live translation. On the Eighth Day, the children and youth from Germany and the Netherlands sang a hymn in three languages for special music.

The Kurhaus also served as the location for the dance and games evening, multiple Bible studies and a media presentation from visiting elder and media coordinator, Peter Eddington.

As a lot of accommodation is within walking distance of the hall, many attendees enjoyed the small-town feel and not having to drive much. The Feast in Titisee 2023 will be remembered most of all for the many opportunities for fellowship.