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61 Gather For Young Adult Camp In Zambia

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61 Gather For Young Adult Camp In Zambia

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Copperbelt, Zambia—For the first time, Zambia held a Young Adults Camp with the theme “Dare to Win.” Youths and young couples from 18 to 35 years had an opportunity to learn both spiritual and physical lessons to help them in their day-to-day activities. These young people, from all parts of Zambia, traveled to the Copperbelt, with Isoka covering about 850km, Chipata 843km and Zambezi 664km. Though these were long distances, they all made it to the camp.

The six days were characterized with joyous and peaceful moments as reunions and new friendships were created for those who met for the first time. Bible studies in the evening and other activities made the six days appear to be short, but above all the eagerness and participation in all lessons made the camp so enjoyable and this really shows how willing the young adults are to know more about the truth of God and learning the doctrines of the Church of God. A lot of topics were covered.

Pastor Derrick Pringle gave talks on sermonette and speech training, integrity and character, and entitlement and gratitude. He explained that success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom and to seek the Lord while He may be found; also that those who trust in God and sow a seed will reap a harvest.

We had two professionals join us one day. James Mwansa gave an introduction to first aid and fighting gender-based violence. Blessings Mwansa spoke on sexual reproductive health, which included five topics. Jonathan Litaba discussed marriage from the Old Testament, marriage in the New Testament, divorce and remarrying. His other subject was the Mark of the Beast according to Revelation. Subjects by Rodrick Epomba included knowing someone before marriage, the Sabbath, the authority of the Bible and one titled “Character is Everything.” 

We are grateful to our Creator for giving us such a wonderful and safe environment for our program to be a success and look forward to having more of such programs.

Cherry Pringle & Rodrick Epomba