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ABC Student Council Chosen

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ABC Student Council Chosen

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This year’s Ambassador Bible College student council officers have been chosen. Josh Vazquez will serve as the ABC student body president, assisted by secretary Ben Lockhart and treasurer Anna Turgeon. Sophia Borton will lead the social committee and both Guinevere Keeney and Jonathan Api will lead the service committee.

Ensuring the room and materials are prepared for class each day, Rhys Neilson will serve as monitor for this year’s ABC class. Sarah Erickson will keep the class updated on upcoming events and maintain the message board. Elizabeth Ross will ensure that cards are sent to the sick.

Technical support will be provided by Michael Api, including class audio recordings. Sage Bensinger and Kate Ledbetter will edit the ABC Times and class yearbook.

Serving as music coordinator, Gabriel Holzwarth will be assisted by Anna Turgeon and Jonathan Api as they prepare for the ABC chorale presentations this school year.