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Ambassador Bible College Welcomes Class of 2023

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Ambassador Bible College Welcomes Class of 2023

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Milford, OH—The new Ambassador Bible College class met for the annual ABC welcome picnic on Aug. 21. They enjoyed lunch and mixer games to help the students begin getting to know each other and local alumni—along with faculty and staff.

The next day, Monday, Aug. 22, everyone gathered for ABC orientation. This is when students learn how ABC works. All the faculty and staff give presentations to welcome the students and educate them on the attendance and cell phone policies, the class schedule, building rules and—of course—how to join the chorale. Students took a tour of the home office after lunch and were encouraged to apply for some student jobs that are available.

This year, 26 students make up the class, coming from 13 different states, plus Canada and Australia. This is the first time since 2019 that ABC has included international students. Most of them are of college-age, but three are more mature, including one married couple.

The orientation presentations reminded students that the purpose for ABC is to lead them in gaining biblical knowledge, building godly character and embracing leadership opportunities. Steve Myers explained that students, “enter to learn, and go forth to serve.” Darris McNeely encouraged students to be ready to “run with the horses” when times get tough. Aaron Dean encouraged students to ask questions and learn about the history and heritage of God’s Church and Frank Dunkle reminded them that God works through them to make ABC what it is.

It is exciting to begin a new school year and we welcome prayers for a successful experience.