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Booklet and Bible Study Course Printing History

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Booklet and Bible Study Course Printing History

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The United Church of God has printed 11.432 million copies of its booklets since 1996. Most of those have been distributed, with an inventory of about 20,000 of each title being kept on hand for fulfillment.

During the 2021 calendar year, our home office mailroom sent 275,369 “special request” pieces of mail—primarily individual booklet requests. Through June of 2022 we have mailed 173,408 so we are on track to easily surpass last year. These are in addition to the millions of editions of our magazines and newspapers that are mailed directly from print houses.

This works out to 22,950 pieces per month, or 1,043 per business day.

In addition, we have printed 3.26 million copies of our Bible Study Course lessons since it began in 1999. During the 2021 calendar year, five of the 12 lessons were reprinted, and four lessons have been reprinted so far this year—for a total of 45,000 copies.

These figures are very encouraging, in that they show our readers are engaged and wanting more biblical information from us. We find these requests spike after each issue of Beyond Today magazine is mailed—showing that our readers are opening the magazine, reading it, and finding other literature mentioned within its pages that they want and request.