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Feast Sermon Video Explores "Threshold of a New Age"

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Feast Sermon Video Explores "Threshold of a New Age"

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This year's Feast of Tabernacles sermon video, titled "Threshold of a New Age," tells the tumultuous story of end-time Europe in prophecy and also shares the perspectives of our brethren there.

The Bible describes the rise and fall of four important empires over the millennia—Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. Prophecy reveals there is yet another coming revival of a powerful Holy Roman Empire, encompassing the world in a religious and political system that the book of Revelation calls Babylon. These great empires of man have failed, and will fail, to bring peace to humanity.

However, the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation tell us that another kingdom will replace these four. This final kingdom will be the Kingdom of God, foreshadowed by the Feast of Tabernacles. We truly are on the threshold of a new age for humankind!

Peter Eddington and Clay Thornton, videographers from the Media and Communications Services department, visited Europe during June and July to record footage, interviews and location shots for this year's Feast sermon video. A very busy editing schedule is now underway to prepare the material in time for the Feast.

Join us at the Feast for this sobering, yet inspiring, video presentation, and at the same time meet your brethren living in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy. We truly look forward to God's Kingdom as we stand on the threshold of a new age! UN