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Since its inception, Good Works has sought to serve God’s people. Its goal has been to help and enrich the lives of those who need it. This has been made possible by the very generous donations of God’s people.

This past year has been no exception! Since June of 2022 we have sent funds to eight different countries.

Blantyre, Malawi

Most brethren in this small country, known as the Warm Heart of Africa, rely on public transport to attend Sabbath services. Unfortunately, in the Blantyre area, the closest bus terminal is more than two miles from the church hall. For a time, leadership from the congregation would drive a truck to the terminal and drive the members the two miles in the bed of the truck in oppressive heat or pouring down rain. Recently, the government deemed this type of travel illegal, leaving our members to make the long trek in less than ideal weather conditions on foot. To alleviate this situation, the pastor requested funds to purchase a small bus so that they can transport members to and from services. The bus has been purchased and is already serving the brethren well.

Nkhwazi, Malawi

In the central part of this small nation we have two more congregations. The Lilongwe congregation meets in the middle of the capital city. The Nkhwazi congregation, in a more rural setting, meets on property where they also conduct youth camps and the Feast of Tabernacles. Electricity in Malawi is often in short supply. To, compensate many people rely on solar power to supply their needs. It was determined during camp that the small lamps in the building were not sufficient in providing light. Good Works provided funds to purchase an additional eight lamps along with the solar panels to power them. These additional lamps were already a benefit during the Feast of Tabernacles this year.

Accra, Ghana

For years the Accra, Ghana, congregation has been bumped from location to location. The local congregation has been diligently saving funds to purchase their own property and building. They had managed to save more than 50% of the purchase price of a building that would be suitable for their needs. Real estate in the area is in short supply and it’s not often that buildings become available. When one did, it was imperative that they act quickly. Good Works happily supplied the remaining funds to purchase the property that will hopefully serve the congregation for years to come.

South Africa

South Africa is rebuilding its camp program. In support of that, they sought two volunteers with camp experience to help train and support their staff. This camp will take place in December (future as of the writing of this article). Good Works helped with the selection of the volunteers and the funds to get this camp program off the ground.


In July and August of 2022, Jeff Lockhart, the assistant pastor for the Caribbean Islands and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, had the opportunity to spend six weeks in Jamaica. Prior to his work with the Church, Mr. Lockhart was a Certified Microsoft Trainer. Given the opportunity to be in the country for an extended period of time, and with his expertise, Jeff sought laptops that could be used to train members on computer skills (another member was also identified to be able to teach coding). These skills can be hugely beneficial in securing a job. Good Works was able to provide funding for 10 laptops, which supplemented several tablets that had already been donated.

Sri Lanka

The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout has been disastrous for the tiny island nation of Sri Lanka. This beautiful country relies on 12 percent of GDP coming from tourism. With lockdowns for their manufacturing sectors, and tourism at a low, work has been scarce, as have been basic goods; fuel for vehicles and cooking is in especially short supply. Good Works has provided relief aid for members in need on a semi-regular basis for the last year.


Many of our members in these southern African nations are subsistence farmers, and if the rains are late or infrequent it can be detrimental to their livelihoods. Good Works has provided periodic relief aid to the members when these events occur, as they have this year, providing food relief and farming implements. Good Works is working directly with the senior pastors of these areas to hopefully formulate a long-term solution for our members so that they can become self-sufficient.