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It's Time to Rejoice

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It's Time to Rejoice

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We’ve been through a lot this year. With COVID-19, riots, masks, politics, you name it, this year has been unlike anything most of us have ever experienced. While things may have made our world seem like it’s turned upside down, one thing that hasn’t changed and that we can take comfort in is that God is on His throne and He is still in control. We are still looking forward to the Kingdom and the return of Jesus Christ. As we await that return, God’s wonderful plan of salvation is brought to our remembrance as we celebrate God’s Holy Days.

You may wonder, how can we celebrate at a time like this? But it’s at a time like this—when things seem out of control—that we need to pause and celebrate to focus on the wonderful things that are yet to come. How wonderful it is that we serve a loving God who commands us to do this every year.

Things will be different this year for the fall Holy Days but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s all what we make of it and how we choose to see things. For example, I usually serve in the choir at the Feast of Tabernacles and this year we will not be having a choir. And yes, I will miss being in the choir, but we can still sing with the angels and praise God! Wherever you are for the Feast, whether it’s by the ocean, at the edge of the hills or in your living room, go outside and sing! Praise Him in His creation! My family sings by the ocean every year at the Feast and it can be very emotional.

This fall Holy Day season may be different from what we are all used to. But that doesn’t have to steal our joy! We have been given a unique opportunity to think outside the box. We’ve had to work harder at making plans to be together. We’ve learned to not take each other for granted. We can use this as an opportunity for growth and to press into God’s Word and focus on His plans for our lives. When we do these things, we can truly see how it’s time to rejoice!