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One Simple Certainty of the Kingdom!

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One Simple Certainty of the Kingdom!

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What are you most looking forward to in the Kingdom of God? Perhaps no more starvation, for it shall be a time of plenty (Joel 2:24)? Seeing a faithful loved one (1 Thessalonians 4:16)? Maybe it's knowing that there will be no more need of elected rulers, because Christ is coming to fill that position and will reign forever (Revelation 11:15). There are many more highly anticipated aspects of the Kingdom that come to mind for me as I'm sure it does for you. Folks, these are wonderful and fantastic events to look forward to and I can't even wait for a lot of these things to come to pass! There's one element of the Kingdom that I'd like for all of us to think about and it's simply this:

Finally, we will be with Christ!

We will meet with Him and be with Him forever! Let that sink in for a little bit. Seeing Christ. Meeting Christ. Being with Christ! This is under the assumption we have done our part to be part of the Kingdom of God, and that a whole lot of mercy and grace is extended to us. But think about it, we have been reading about Jesus for many years, really diving into the gospel message, experiencing how the Word of God is built upon that chief cornerstone we know to be Christ!

Maybe we have "seen" Christ during times of trials and during seasons of blessings in the course of life. Perhaps we have experienced Christ as we have witnessed the Word of God come to life as we've applied its principles in our hearts and in our actions. All of this is absolutely valid. I'm not saying Christ is not around. But picture in your mind looking up and seeing Him descending from the clouds to the sound of Trumpet blasts. Many faithful ones will be raised to this glorious event. Finally, the Savior is coming to take back His rightful Kingdom. All the trials, the suffering, and yes the tribulation, will become worth it as we see Him with our eyes.

“But at the end of this age and into the Millennium, whenever that is and however it plays out, we can find peace and excitement in this one simple surety of the Kingdom! We will be with Christ!”

Folks, let’s take a little time to clear our mind and think about all that the recently concluded Feast of Tabernacles pictures. Think about everything we are looking forward to. But also think about how awe-inspiring and delightful it will be to finally see Christ and to be with Him. To know that we can go and talk to Him, even hug Him, or just observe and smile because He’s back!

Again, not that we don't talk to Jesus now and that He doesn't speak to us through the Bible today. But to be sitting at church, at the beach, on a mountain, in a beautiful valley, or maybe on another planet, and He will be there working with us. He will instruct us on something that will help us and others, dine with us, or tell a story about us that makes Him laugh. How awesome would that be? Correction, how awesome that will be! I don't know how things will exactly be and yes, I maybe have let my sense of wonder run a little wild. But at the end of this age and into the Millennium, whenever that is and however it plays out, we can find peace and excitement in this one simple certainty of the Kingdom: We will be with Christ!

Scripture for reflection: "After that, we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will always be with the Lord" (1 Thessalonians 4:17).