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Phoenix Congregation Hosts Dinner, Dancing and Hiking Weekend

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Phoenix Congregation Hosts Dinner, Dancing and Hiking Weekend

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Phoenix, Arizona—The Phoenix, Arizona, church family kicked off the 2022 Holy Days with a Feast to remember. The 276 people gathered to observe the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread at the Phoenix Sheraton Crescent Hotel came from around the United States, and made the festivities all the more joyous.

After sunset, 184 participants enjoyed dinner, dancing and fellowship. Brethren of all ages got a chance to socialize and boogie, and a special visit from UCG pal Jelly made a memorable night for everyone.

On Sunday morning, 36 adventurers hiked through the nature trails of Piestewa Peak. The blooming desert landscape and rolling rockscape in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve created a beautiful scenic environment. The mountains made for a memorable time, especially for those from out of town. We are grateful for all who embraced the opportunity to fellowship and consider God’s great plan during the Feast days!

Zoey Gabbard & Jordan Vargas