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Quarterly Council of Elders Meetings Held in December

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Quarterly Council of Elders Meetings Held in December

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The Council of Elders met at the home office from Monday, Dec. 5, through Thursday, Dec. 8, 2022. There were 11 council members along with staff from church administration in attendance, while Scott Ashley participated via video link.

Leading off the meeting President Rick Shabi reported on his work, saying that he has become acclimated to the home office and that Cincinnati has come to feel like home. Operations managers Mark Welch and Peter Eddington also presented reports, as did chairmen of the Council’s standing committees.

This meeting included a brief review of UCG’s annual audit, conducted by the accounting firm of Clark Schaefer Hackett. The Council also devoted attention to discussion of doctrinal papers that had been submitted, and to work on strategic and operation plans for the next fiscal year. This was in addition to the many and varied responsibilities the Council of Elders must discuss and/or approve.

It has been said that members of the Council can disagree without being disagreeable. That is an apt description of the way this group of dedicated elders works together. They do not often disagree, but on those rare occasions they make a point of exercising humility while working towards being agreeable. The next regular meeting will occur in February.