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Treasure Digest: Will You Hire Me, God?

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Treasure Digest

Will You Hire Me, God?

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Have you ever thought about filling out a job application for God's Kingdom? Doing so could bring some real clarity as to what aptitudes, talents, abilities, etc., you have developed thus far in your life and what you yet need to work on and develop to be an upper management leader in the Kingdom of God.

You could start your application for a place in the royal family by explaining why you want the job. (Because it beats the alternative is not a good enough reason!) A good place to start is understanding why God wants you in His family and what He is looking for.

Next on your application for a job in the Kingdom you could list all the paid and unpaid jobs you have filled. Go into detail about what you have done and what they have taught you that would be of value to your Employers, God and Jesus. Describe how your jobs have given you or helped you develop the attributes that will be needed in a Kingdom job. This is to show what you would be bringing to the group.

In other words, why should you be considered for a job? Some attributes you may have developed could be good organizational skills, people skills and conflict-resolution skills. Have you learned to be a leader, a planner, a motivator? Can you anticipate problems, show common sense, inspire people? Do you see problems as a challenge or as a crisis? Do you anticipate or react?

Finally, you could list other areas of your life, such as hobbies, interests and volunteering, where you have acquired skills and abilities that would make you a more valuable employee.

Giving this application some thought, you may be surprised to realize that God has led you along a path that has given you a lot of the training He wants. For it is Christ in us, and how well we yield to Him, that prepares us for our future job.

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