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Your Relationship with God

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When will you make time for this new relationship in your life?

This is a question frequently asked of those who are counseling for baptism as they consider entering into a committed relationship with our Lord. It is a question that usually stimulates some introspection as the question is carefully considered. For any relationship to thrive, it is necessary to commit time to each other and to establish and maintain communications.

In a dating or marriage relationship, it is critical to make time for each other to keep the relationship healthy. We learn from Ephesians 5:22-25 that this physical relationship of marriage is analogous to the relationship that Christ has with the Church. In marriage, the reminder to talk to each other is more pressing, as we are physically together and conversation is necessary. This does not mean that the communication is positive or relationship-building, as constructive communication takes effort and must be intentional. Even after many years of marriage, it can be helpful to "date" our mate!  

Do we consider the need to make time for our relationship with God? We rarely have time, we must make time for that which we value and consider important. As we consider our priorities and the first commandment to let nothing come before our relationship with God, how do we allocate our time? What do we do with the time that we allocate? Do we structure our time so that we can talk to God and spend time reading His word so that He can talk to us? Are we prepared for our "dates" with God? Do we have time prioritized for this purpose?

The Sabbath gives us a weekly reminder to pause our other activities and turn our attention to the most important relationship we have: one with our Creator. It is a weekly date that our Father and Elder Brother make sure is on our calendars so that we can invest time and build a future together. How will you make the most of this time? Will you follow up with frequent check-ins throughout the week? Will you prepare for your time together to make the most of it? Do you have a plan to grow the relationship? Do you invest the same effort and energy into your relationship with God that you do in physical relationships? The answers let God know how much you value your invitation to be part of His family and receive the inheritance He has in store for you!