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Letter From Ben Light - April 2, 2021

Letter From Ben Light

April 2, 2021

Pastor's Corner - April 2nd, 2021

It is hard to believe that the Days of Unleavened Bread are drawing to a close already with the beginning of the Last Day of Unleavened Bread this evening at Sundown. 

The last seven days went by all too quickly - and I can only imagine that for the Israelites, fresh out of the city of Ramses, as they moved through the desert following the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire - leading into the difficult spot they found themselves in as tradition holds on this day - that it likely went by a lot slower.

There must have been thoughts in their minds as they marched through the desert... "When will Pharaoh change his mind and pursue us?", "Will we be safe?", "What does God have planned?" The seven days they spent traveling away from Ramses toward the Red Sea, I can imagine a good portion of that was likely spent figuratively, and even perhaps literally, looking over their shoulders.

We know that Pharaoh did eventually decide to pursue the Israelites - and with chariots and his armies he doggedly pursued and strove to overtake them. God protected His people, and enacted one of the greatest miracles recorded in scripture in order to deliver His people across the Red Sea. Proving to them that He was more powerful than that which pursued them, that which was behind them, as well as that which was before them.

God told them in no uncertain terms to trust Him and move forward. They did - and the deliverance of Israel from the land of Egypt was complete. Now - it was up to them. Would they trust Him? Would they obey and move forward-- leaving the past and the world they were called out of behind? Would they turn to Him?

As we have gone through the past seven days, and in the time leading up to these days, we spent them in introspection, considering our lives and the leaven which is within it. The sin which so easily ensnares, the pride that puffs up, and we've put it out. We have maintained our life without these things for the past seven days physically, and continued to strive to spiritually keep it out as well.

After today - we go forward from the shores of the Red Sea - into the wilderness so to speak with God before us. The same questions that were poised to Israel are poised to us. Will we trust Him? Will we obey and move forward--leaving the past and the world we were called out of behind? Will we turn to Him?

I hope and pray you have all had a wonderful Days of Unleavened Bread - let's finish strong, and go into this coming year with a heart of repentance and thankfulness!

With Love,