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Letter From Dan Preston - April 1, 2022

Letter From Dan Preston

April 1, 2022

Good evening brethren and happy Sabbath!  I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and warmer temperatures this week.

Tomorrow we will have our booklet discussion in Charlotte of 'Jesus Christ: The Real Story.'  We will take a short break and then plan on discussing our next booklet, 'Angels: God's Messengers and Spirit Army' in May.  If you do not already have a copy of this booklet, you can read it online or request a free copy here There will be a few copies set out on the information table, but we have a somewhat limited supply, so please check to see if you already have a copy before taking one.

It's amazing!

We apply that statement frequently in our society.  Which, in a way, is too bad, because if everything is amazing, nothing is.  That is to say, if every little thing amazes us - the news, technological advancements, or even an accomplishment by a talented artist or sports figure - then nothing truly amazes us any more.

So what is truly amazing?  Again, depending on your perspective, different things might amaze us.  As a 'gearhead,' seeing an old hot rod restored through many hours of work and patience might be an amazing accomplishment to me, but a waste of time an effort to someone else.

When in doubt, look to nature

Christians, Muslims, Jews and atheists usually agree that nature itself is amazing.  They might have different ideas about how nature came to be, but the end result is that they agree it is pretty amazing.  For example, the fact that one tiny seed can produce a large plant, which bears fruit and yields more seeds to perpetuate itself, is an amazing feat.  Then there's the human body and all it's intricate systems that work in balance together.  Whether you believe these things came about due to intelligent design or evolution, nature is amazing!

Of course, we believe that these things were created by God.  And when it comes to the human creation, how our bodies works is certainly amazing, but it's not the most amazing thing about humanity.  The most amazing thing about humanity, is the awesome opportunity it has to become part of the God family!

What amazes you?

This of course is something that is truly amazing.  To be able to be born again, into the spiritual realm as a part of the God family is by far the most amazing thing a human can ever experience.  No sports records, plant life or kingdom here on earth can remotely compare.

The next time you see something that 'amazes' you, stop and think: What is truly amazing?  We should certainly honor the accomplishments of others, and we might be dumbstruck by news events as they unfold, but let us always remember the most amazing thing of all, our God and all that He has and will create!