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Letter From Dan Preston - April 19, 2024

Letter From Dan Preston

April 19, 2024

Good evening and Happy (almost) Sabbath!  I have to say almost now since sunset is so much later, and most of you are receiving this around 7 PM, well before sunset.  Just a quick reminder Sabbath School is tomorrow.  Also, for those in Columbia, the hall has been de-leavened, so please do not bring any leavening for snacks tomorrow!

Good Memories

Our lives are filled with memories.  A few sad along the way, but hopefully for most of us, our memories are happy.  Maybe of childhood friends, places we've visited or good laughs shared with others.

This morning, as I was calling around to find someone to deliver gravel to my mom's house, I began thinking about all the memories associated with our old gravel driveway.  Let's just say I got to be an expert at digging gravel out of my knees from all the stunts I attempted on my bike! While those memories are literally painful, they actually bring joy.  A simpler time in life, and good wholesome fun.

More memories

With Passover just hours away, what memories do you have?  Perhaps it's of your first one, or a special one you shared with someone else who was observing their first Passover.  While usually not sad or happy, those kinds of memories are very special and tied to strong emotions.

It's that sort of thought that I want to discuss in the sermon tomorrow.  Not just memories of Passovers we've experienced, but memories surrounding Jesus' last Passover.

Final Preparation

As you wind down your preparation for Passover, may I recommend you read John, chapters 12 through 21.  While all the gospels are good, I found John's account more intimate of the last few days of Christ's life.

Take time to dwell on what memories the disciples would have been creating at that time, and how their memories were likely stirred as prophecy unfolded before their eyes.  By doing so, we can make this Passover a truly memorable one!