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Letter From Dan Preston - April 26, 2024

Letter From Dan Preston

April 26, 2024

Good evening brethren and Happy Sabbath.  Just a quick reminder that tomorrow, all three congregations will be meeting at 10:30 AM.  On Monday, Charlotte and Hickory will be meeting at the Statesville Civic Center for services at 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM (please note, PM services were previously scheduled for 2 PM).  Columbia will be meeting at their regular hall location.

A fast 7 days

It seems hard to believe that the Feast of Unleavened Bread is more than half way over!  So many yummy recipes and so little time!

Believe it or not, I just got around today to making some of my favorites - cheese straws.  I like to add a little extra red pepper for some kick.  What are some of your favorite recipes?  For those of you in Charlotte, I invite you to bring them for snacks after services tomorrow (hint, hint).

Bigger picture

Of course, the food is only a small portion of this special holy day season.  The symbolism of leaven as sin is uncanny.  No doubt you were surprised at some of the things in your kitchen that had leaving in them.  One of the big surprises for us this year was that some varieties of salt actually contain baking soda, albeit as an anti-caking agent.

Then of course there's the chunks of pretzels under the couch, the stray piece of bred under the mattress (ask my son about that one) and who knows what else.  Although I don't work in an office environment, it seems when I did, it was always this week of the year that everyone decided to bring donuts and cookies to share.

The Biggest Picture

As you know, getting the leaven, or sin, out is still not the whole picture of Unleavened Bread.  To truly complete the picture - and ourselves - we need the Unleavened Bread of Jesus Christ in us.

I hope as this Feast draws to a close you're feeling quite full.  Not just from all the wonderful unleavened goodies, but with the character and nature of our Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ!