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Letter From Dan Preston - June 21, 2024

Letter From Dan Preston

June 21, 2024

Good evening brethren and Happy Sabbath!  I hope this note finds everyone doing well.

Father's Day

Last weekend was Father's Day.  Of course, for us, it was a bit overshadowed by Pentecost, but I think it's important to take some time to talk about the importance of dads.  

Dads do lots of things - they teach their children, they provide for and protect them and of course most importantly, they love them!

Not an Ideal World

Of course, I recognize that in our world, not every family has a mother and father.  Sometimes, one parent has to do both job, and that of course is very challenging.  Or sometimes, roles get reversed for various reasons. 

But even in those scenarios, there's one role of Fatherhood that remains universal for all.  And that of course is that we have a loving heavenly Father.

God the Father

No matter your upbringing, we are all blessed to have a wonderful Father - God the Father. For some, having a dad was a new concept to them, and it took awhile to understand what a loving father is really like.

God the Father does many things for us - more than we could count.  But in tomorrow's sermon, we'll focus on one specifically, how He shows His love by establishing boundaries for us to live in, and being a constant source of encouragement!