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Letter From Dan Preston - May 24, 2024

Letter From Dan Preston

May 24, 2024

Good evening brethren and happy Sabbath! I am excited to announce that tomorrow after services, we will have our first ever sermon discussion.  This will be similar to the booklet discussions we've had in the past, but the topic will be tomorrow's message.

It's a miracle!

You've probably heard this shouted or maybe even proclaimed it yourself.  Sometimes we do it jokingly, like when the county finishes a long overdue road repair.  Sometimes we call things that aren't miracles a miracle, simply because it was amazing, like a last second buzzer-beater to win a basketball game.

What is a miracle?

In the Biblical sense of the word, what is a miracle?  We'll talk about that a bit tomorrow, but in short, we might say it's an occurrence when God divinely intervenes to do something.  Parting the Red Sea, sparing Daniel in the lions's den and raising the dead are all miracles we're probably quite familiar with.

Aside from those in the Bible, many of us have seen or experienced miracles ourselves.  Anything from dramatic healings to lost objects being found after a short prayer.

Why miracles?

Beyond the awesomeness of the the miracles themselves, there's another question to consider.  Why does God perform miracles?  Is it merely to deliver us from trouble, or is there more to it?

I think that's a topic worthy of discussion.  And in fact, that will be the topic of our discussion after the sermon tomorrow.  How have miracles affected you, and what they do for us as disciples of Jesus Christ?