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Letter From Dan Preston - May 6, 2022

Letter From Dan Preston

May 6, 2022

Greetings and Happy Sabbath!  The Booklet Discussion of 'Angels: God's Messengers and Spirit Army' in Charlotte tomorrow has been postponed until the Sabbath of May 21st.  We will also have our booklet discussion in Columbia that day.  Our discussion is scheduled for the Sabbath of May 28th in Hickory.  Please continue to read and finish up the booklet if you have not already.

Choices, choices

You've no doubt heard the phrase "Like a kid in a candy store."  It's a saying used when someone has so many good choices, they're not sure which one to make.  

We make choices every day, around 70 or so they say.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of those aren't 'kid in a candy store' moments.  While most of the choices we make don't carry life and death consequences, they usually do have better or worse outcomes.

How do you decide?

When it comes to the choices we make, how do we go about making them?  Do we decide on a whim, or are our choices carefully thought out?  Chances are, we do a little of each.  Not all our choices are critical.  Deciding to have PB&J for lunch or a grilled chese sandwich for lunch doesn't carry too many consequences, and as such, it's okay to decide that sort of thing on a whim.  But some choices we are presented with have more serious consequences.  

Most notably, the choices we make in regards to following God.  Do we carefully consider what we say to someone who might be angry with us, or do we allow our emotions to dictate a response?  Do we choose to allow ourselves to succumb to various temptations?  Do we see an opportunity to do good, and skip past it?  These are all choices that disciples of Christ should be able to make quickly and easily!

Make the right choice

Doing the right thing isn't always easy.  Sometimes it means swallowing our pride, or even taking a loss.  But while the actual doing of a thing might be difficult, the choice of what to do in most situations doesn't have to be.

When we are close to God and His laws, the right thing to do in most cases will be obvious.  By studying His word and being yielded to His spirit, you can always make the right choice!