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Letter From William Bradford - April 15, 2022

Letter From William Bradford

April 15, 2022

Lesson and Purpose of the Night to Be Much Remembered

The Israelites must have still had adrenalin running through their systems from the incredible events that had occurred during the previous 24 hours as they walked towards Succoth, their first stop on the journey out of the land of Egypt. Most likely they had not slept much the night before as the Lord began to enact his righteous judgment on the Egyptians.  They had been told to have everything in order after eating the Passover lamb so that they would be ready to go once it was morning.

And thus you shall eat it: with a belt on your waist, your sandals on your feet, and your staff in your hand. So, you shall eat it in haste. It is the LORD's Passover. (Exodus 12:11, NKJV)  

That evening on the First Day of Unleavened Bread, they arrived at their first stop out of slavery and bondage. This is the night that God told them to remember. 

It is a night of solemn observance to the LORD for bringing them out of the land of Egypt. This is that night of the LORD, a solemn observance for all the children of Israel throughout their generations. (Exodus 12:42, NKJV) 

This is the night that they were to always look back on and remember their journey out of bondage.  The night before, they had been passed over from death by having the blood of the lamb on the lintels and doorposts of their homes. And now the Israelites were on a journey to freedom and the Promised Land. 

In a similar way, as we gather tonight for Night to Be Much Remembered, it is the night that we reflect on how God has brought us out of spiritual bondage from spiritual Egypt under a spiritual pharaoh.  We remember God's strong hand that personally led each of us out of bondage to sin and set us on the path to God's righteousness.   

Tonight, we can all reflect and even share how God brought us out with a strong hand from the trappings of this world and set us on the path to the Kingdom of God.   

Let's encourage our brethren to remember God's intervention in our lives on this special evening. And let's express our thankfulness for God's incredible plan to call out a people from this world's system and set them on a path to the Kingdom of God. 

Have a wonderful night full of remembrance and gratitude to God. 

-Bill Bradford