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Feast of Tabernacles Webcast: Panama City Beach, FL - October 21, 2019 AM

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Feast of Tabernacles Webcast

Panama City Beach, FL - October 21, 2019 AM

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United Church of God Feast of Tabernacles Holy Day AM services: Panama City Beach, FL — October 21, 2019

Sermonette: Bill Robinson
Sermon: Rick Beam


  • twocents
    Among several wonderful matters that Mr. Beam addressed, especially appreciated is God's destiny for aborted babies: 1) Church teaching - Starting with Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, that human life begins at the moment of conception when the male and female DNAs first combine; 2) Science - That the "blueprint" for each individual is determined at that moment of conception - Even though only God knows what that blueprint is at that moment - but He DOES know; 3) Informed speculation - That, since He knows that blueprint for each aborted baby, God might resurrect each of them as a full-term baby fully developed according to that blueprint which God knows and that was determined at the moment of conception. In a related matter, very much appreciated is that part of the painting in the UCG home office that depicts the second resurrection to physical life of a woman carrying in her womb the pre-born baby who died with her - she resurrected to adult physical life, and her baby resurrected as a living vital preborn baby, both continuing on in their respective opportunities for salvation and eternal live in the eternal Family and Kingdom of God. Our God surely IS a great and awesome God!
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