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Sabbath Webcast: Cincinnati Area - April 18, 2020

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Sabbath Webcast

Cincinnati Area - April 18, 2020

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MP4 Video - 720p (1.63 GB)


Sabbath Webcast: Cincinnati Area - April 18, 2020

MP4 Video - 720p (1.63 GB)

United Church of God Sabbath services: Cincinnati East, Ohio AM/PM and Cincinnati North, Ohio congregations - April 18, 2020

Sermonette: Duane Phelps - “Allow Change”
Research has shown that people tend to get attached to their initial impressions of others and find it very difficult to change their opinion, even when presented with lots of evidence to the contrary.  When we look at others, do we see them for who they were, or do we see them for who they are now?  God has called us all to change and when we do, He sees us for who we are now, not who we were.  We need to see others as God sees them.

Sermon: Frank Dunkle - "Don't Look Back"
Gaining freedom is a wonderful thing.  Who would want to return to bondage?  Sadly, ancient Israel did at times, and Christians can learn a valuable lesson from their example.  Being freed from sin, we must look ahead and not back. God's mercy makes that possible.



  • eeholderman
    Both the sermonette and the sermon were outstanding! They were mind blowing!
  • Jerold Aust
    Duane Phelps gave a really good sermonette. Well thought out and delivered with balance. Jerold Aust
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