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Sabbath Webcast: Cincinnati PM - December 8, 2018

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Sabbath Webcast

Cincinnati PM - December 8, 2018

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MP4 Video - 720p (1.25 GB)


Sabbath Webcast: Cincinnati PM - December 8, 2018

MP4 Video - 720p (1.25 GB)

United Church of God Sabbath services: Cincinnati East, Ohio PM congregation - December 8, 2018.

Sermonette: Rudy Rangel
Sermon: Frank Dunkle


  • Kath
    What's the name of the hymnal you use? Thank you.
  • Rudy Rangel
    Hey Kathleen, We use our own United Church of God Hymnal. You can find music and lyrics on this page: I hope that helps. Rudy
  • Ivan Veller
    Here's an online version: The hymnal is packed with beautiful, lovely songs praising God! One of my favorites is 171. Which is your favorite so far?
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