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Sabbath Webcast: Cincinnati PM - July 28, 2018

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Sabbath Webcast

Cincinnati PM - July 28, 2018

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MP4 Video - 720p (1.37 GB)


Sabbath Webcast: Cincinnati PM - July 28, 2018

MP4 Video - 720p (1.37 GB)

United Church of God Sabbath services: Cincinnati East, Ohio PM congregation - July 28, 2018.

Sermonette: Jonathan Magee
Sermon: Steve Myers


  • lndrchy
    Thank you for this sermonette. I still can't believe that Juanita and our father Dale are gone. It's does seem real but it is. l miss them both.
  • Tish
    I enjoyed the sermon taught today I keep thinking I’m falling short I just have to stay focused and keep the faith thank you
  • Leelozano715
    I recently moved from Fort Lauderdale to Cali/Colombia there is no congregation here so I would like to join the webcast for this Sabbath July/28 and in the future. Is there a password to do it? Can you please send it to me. I appreciate it and have a wonderful Sabbath
  • Linda Merrick
    Hello Leonor! Please reach out to Steve Myers the pastor of the Cincinnati congregations. I'm sure he can help you get connected to services. You can just click on his name above & click the link under his name that allows you to contact him and e-mail him that way. Hope that helps!
  • dhenry
    Hello Leonor, There is no password required. You should be able to watch the webcast above. When you go to ucg.org/webcasts, you should be able to receive the webcast each Sabbath, at the times listed, by clicking on the link. You can also replay the messages. For other messages, please goto ucg.org/sermons. I hope you find the messages interesting and edifying. Regards. Deb
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