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Sabbath Webcast: Cincinnati PM - June 29, 2019

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Sabbath Webcast

Cincinnati PM - June 29, 2019

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United Church of God Sabbath services: Cincinnati East, Ohio PM congregation - June 29, 2019.

We're sorry, there is no archive available for this week's service. 


  • kansasdudess
    call this sermon move god up..thank you for the webcast service today amen
  • karen a barber
    Yes, Virginia,....perfect title. When searching for answers "Move God up" would give you the place to look....the title alone is the answer :)
  • kansasdudess
    beautiful singing voice..only the podium and not the singer is showing
  • kansasdudess
    don't be don't have to hurry..get the names of the books right..we have time..we made time.
  • kansasdudess
    glad to be here..glad find an actual service on Saturday.. amen and thank you..
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