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Sabbath Webcast: Cincinnati PM - March 3, 2018

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Sabbath Webcast

Cincinnati PM - March 3, 2018

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United Church of God Sabbath services: Cincinnati East, Ohio PM congregation - March 32018.

Due to technical errors during the webcast, we do not have an archived version.

Sermonette: David Metzel
Sermon: Joshua Creech


  • Dick Scholz
    My wife and I watch this broadcast when services in our area are cancelled, as they were today. Unfortunately, the broadcast kept getting interrupted and I had to keep resetting the browser in my iPhone, as often as several times a minute. I have a high speed internet connection and solid in home WIFI signal, and live in Western Massachusetts. Therefore there is some delay for the broadcast signal, that should be insignificant. Why do I say this and suggest the interruptions are caused at the point of origin? Because I can watch canned content from YouTube or from web sites with no service “hits”. I suggest that professions be engaged to isolate the problem’s origin. To start, it may be helpful to have someone from the media department in another town access the broadcast using a smartphone over WIFI connect to a carrier provided internet connection. Thus happens all the time with UCG live broadcasts from Cincinnati East. While the problem could be on our end, I believe it is not; rather interruptions on the originating end somehow cause loss of video and audio to the receiving end’s internet browser. Thank you, Dick & Marty Scholz
  • metzeld
    Thank you for your message about the technical issue you are experiencing. It is always good to understand how the broadcast is received and if there are any technical difficulties. I will pass your message along to the appropriate people in order to work on a solution. Thank you for writing. David Metzel
  • Clive R. Germany
    Thank God for the Internet because us invalids around the world would not be able to join in with our services to worship our Creator God.
  • metzeld
    Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for and the technology today is one of those things to include in our thanks. We are glad that you are able to join our worship services. Thank You for writing. David Metzel
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