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Who Would be King? Galen Morrison January 22, 2011 Beloit, WI
Something Wicked This Way Comes Gary Smith July 17, 2010 Portsmouth, OH
Bringing People to Salvation During the Millennium, Part 1 Rex Sexton October 8, 2017 Bend-Redmond, Oregon 2017; Celebrating the Feast at Home 2018
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Seventy Weeks Prophesy Tom M Damour December 2, 2017 Lubbock, TX
From the Pit to the Palace Donald Ward August 23, 2014 East Texas
The Inspired Minisrty Frank McCrady November 21, 2015 Dayton, OH
Psalms 119, Part 3 Mario Seiglie November 17, 2012 Orange County, CA
Sabbath Observance in Modern Times Roy Holladay February 24, 2007 Chattanooga, TN
Sefl Examination Kevin Call January 17, 2015 Prestonsburg, KY
Cassandra's Curse Howard Baker November 24, 2018 East Texas
What Is True Liberty? Ken Martin March 15, 2014 Columbus, GA; Central Georgia
The New Covenant and the Law of Moses Jorge de Campos November 12, 2016 Lexington, KY
Passover: Observe It or Absorb It? Randy Schreiber April 9, 2011 Phoenix East, AZ
Understanding the Resurrections Andy McClain September 1, 2018 Indianapolis, IN
Outline of Revelation Gary Petty October 10, 2014 San Antonio, TX; Kerrville, Texas 2010
The Blessings Children Need Most, Part 2 Mark Welch November 22, 2014 Dallas, TX
Do You Know the Lord? Ray K. Cowan August 20, 2016 Kingsport, TN; Knoxville, TN
Strengthen Courage Dan Dowd August 24, 2019 Milwaukee, WI
Guard Against Waxing Cold Gary Nielander January 15, 2022 Indianapolis, IN
Lessons From the Book of Ruth Howard Davis April 25, 2015 Hartford, CT