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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Book of Habakkuk, Part 4: Habakkuk 3 Bob Fahey March 7, 2009 Chicago, IL
Critical Crucial Times Donald Ward March 7, 2009 Houston, TX
Is God in Your Marriage? Chuck Zimmerman March 7, 2009 Phoenix Northwest, AZ
The Principle of Respect Larry Walker March 1, 2009 Central Oregon
What Is Truth? Donald Ward February 28, 2009 Houston, TX
The Image of God Don Hooser February 28, 2009 Burlington, WA
Our Fantastic Reward Bill Cowan February 28, 2009 Chattanooga, TN
Sabbath, Part 1: God's Blessing for His People John Elliott February 28, 2009 Phoenix East, AZ
Fundamental Beliefs, Part 12: The Holy Days of God Scott Moss February 28, 2009 Ft. Wayne, IN
The Roles of Ceremonies and Rituals Larry Walker February 21, 2009 Central Oregon
Christian Dedication Kevin Call February 21, 2009 Prestonsburg, KY
Learning How to Live, Part 2 Donald Ward February 21, 2009 Houston, TX
The Time Machine Bill Cowan February 21, 2009 Chattanooga, TN
Grieving the Holy Spirit Ken Martin February 21, 2009 Cincinnati East, OH
Trust God in These Times David Mills February 21, 2009 Greensboro, NC
Christ Is Our Passover Joe Camerata February 21, 2009 Phoenix Northwest, AZ
Why Does God Allow Suffering? Scott McKeon February 21, 2009 Phoenix East, AZ
Christ in the Old Testament, Part 1 Robin Webber February 14, 2009 San Diego, CA
New Covenant Heart, Part 4: How Jesus Kept the Sabbath Robin Webber February 14, 2009 Redlands, CA
New Covenant Heart, Part 4: Sabbath Robin Webber February 14, 2009 San Diego, CA