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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
The Called, Chosen and Faithful David D Schreiber February 22, 2020 La Crosse, WI
Prove All Things; Hold Fast What Is Good David D Schreiber February 1, 2020 La Crosse, WI
Put out the Leavening and Bring in the Truth Brett Wood April 20, 2019 La Crosse, WI
Broken for You John Yule April 6, 2019 La Crosse, WI
From Eden to Babylon to Coming out of Her David Mörker February 9, 2019 La Crosse, WI
What Is Faith - Part 1 David D Schreiber February 2, 2019 La Crosse, WI
Be Thankful in Everything David D Schreiber December 8, 2018 La Crosse, WI
Addressing the Concept of the Priesthood of All Believers With the Word of God David D Schreiber January 20, 2018 La Crosse, WI
Look up, Your Redemption Is Near Ken Cline September 16, 2017 La Crosse, WI
Blessed Are the Peacemakers Part 1: Blessed Are the Peacemakers, for They Shall Be Called the Sons of God David D Schreiber July 22, 2017 Cedar Rapids, IA; La Crosse, WI
The Gathering Storm David D Schreiber July 2, 2017 Cedar Rapids, IA; La Crosse, WI
Pentecost: A Spiritual Harvest of God David D Schreiber June 3, 2017 Cedar Rapids, IA; La Crosse, WI
A Spiritually Unleavened Heart David D Schreiber April 11, 2017 La Crosse, WI
The Role of God the Father David D Schreiber November 12, 2016 La Crosse, WI
Do You Love God's Law? John Yule January 16, 2016 La Crosse, WI
Let It Flow John Yule December 26, 2015 La Crosse, WI
Persecution John Yule December 12, 2015 La Crosse, WI
A Better Family and Marriage Through Respect and Love David D Schreiber November 28, 2015 La Crosse, WI
Why Keep the Feast of Trumpets? David D Schreiber September 15, 2015 La Crosse, WI
A Book of Remembrance Ken Cline September 5, 2015 Twin Cities, MN; Southern Minnesota; La Crosse, WI