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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
The Gift of Remembrance Joe Horton May 28, 2022 Mansfield, OH
God Still Answers Prayer Len Martin May 7, 2022 Mansfield, OH
Jesus Christ, Our High Priest and Intercessor Paul E Janosko April 30, 2022 Mansfield, OH
Message From the Sea Joe Horton April 9, 2022 Mansfield, OH
The Crucifixion of Christ Paul E Janosko April 9, 2022 Mansfield, OH
Salvation Lost: the Consequence of Unforgiveness Len Martin April 2, 2022 Mansfield, OH
Valuing Our Calling Paul E Janosko March 26, 2022 Mansfield, OH
A Root of Bitterness Joe Horton March 19, 2022 Mansfield, OH
Work: a Gift and Blessing From God Paul E Janosko January 15, 2022 Mansfield, OH
Moral Culpability and Christian Responsibility Len Martin January 8, 2022 Mansfield, OH
Planning for the Future Len Martin January 1, 2022 Mansfield, OH
Just Weights and Measures Joe Horton December 18, 2021 Mansfield, OH
The Disobedience of Idolatry Paul E Janosko December 11, 2021 Mansfield, OH
The Roaring Lion and His Prey Dan Baker December 4, 2021 Mansfield, OH
Are We Truly Grateful? Len Martin November 27, 2021 Mansfield, OH
What Shall I Do? Joe Horton November 20, 2021 Mansfield, OH
Knowing in Part Len Martin October 30, 2021 Mansfield, OH
Fear, Faith and Trust Joe Horton October 23, 2021 Mansfield, OH
You're Quitting Because of Hypocrisy? Len Martin October 16, 2021 Mansfield, OH
Seeking Godly Seed Dan Baker October 9, 2021 Mansfield, OH