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Title Speaker Datesort ascending Congregation(s) Length
The Law and the Judgements, Part 1 Gary Smith July 19, 2008 Portsmouth, OH
Lessons From the Eagle Kevin Call May 17, 2008 Portsmouth, OH; Prestonsburg, KY
To Whom Will God Look? Gary Smith March 31, 2007 Portsmouth, OH
Positive Prophecies for End Time Christians Kevin Call March 10, 2007 Portsmouth, OH
Do We Need a Savior? Gary Smith March 3, 2007 Portsmouth, OH
Between Me and God Gary Smith February 24, 2007 Portsmouth, OH
Religious Denominations Gary Smith February 3, 2007 Portsmouth, OH
Did You Really Fast for Me? Gary Smith January 27, 2007 Portsmouth, OH
How Close Are We to God? Kevin Call January 13, 2007 Portsmouth, OH
Let's Make a Deal Michael Arritt November 18, 2006 Portsmouth, OH
The Beatitudes Kevin Call November 11, 2006 Portsmouth, OH
The Three Heavens Kevin Call June 17, 2006 Portsmouth, OH
Two Spiritual Nations Gary Smith January 7, 2006 Portsmouth, OH
Waiting on God Gary Smith December 17, 2005 Portsmouth, OH
The Misuse of Alcohol Gary Smith December 10, 2005 Portsmouth, OH
Become as Little Children Gary Smith November 5, 2005 Portsmouth, OH
God Reveals Through Association Gary Smith October 1, 2005 Portsmouth, OH
Encourage Genuine Change Gary Smith September 17, 2005 Portsmouth, OH
The Davinci Code, Part 2 Gary Smith September 3, 2005 Portsmouth, OH
The Importance of the Sabbath and the Holy Days Gary Smith September 3, 2005 Portsmouth, OH