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Remember the Tower of Babel Forrest Shoemaker October 27, 2018 Portsmouth, OH; Prestonsburg, KY
The Sins of a Nation Daniel Evans August 27, 2016 Portsmouth, OH
Fences or Bridges? Kevin Call April 6, 2018 Portsmouth, OH; Prestonsburg, KY
Ezekiel and the Desecration of the Temple, Part 2 Frank Dunkle July 19, 2015 Portsmouth, OH
Jesus' Final Week and Arrival in Jerusalem Kevin Call March 14, 2020 Portsmouth, OH; Prestonsburg, KY
Learn From God Jim Call July 8, 2017 Portsmouth, OH
Encouraging Scriptures Ken Shoemaker May 19, 2018 Prestonsburg, KY; Portsmouth, OH
The Most Important Part of the Race Kevin Call March 21, 2020 Portsmouth, OH; Prestonsburg, KY
Certification Test 101 Daniel Evans July 9, 2016 Portsmouth, OH
Islam Daniel Evans February 20, 2016 Portsmouth, OH
Examining Ourselves for Passover Frank Dunkle March 3, 2012 Portsmouth, OH
Discovering the Raccoons of Sin John McKinney August 12, 2017 Portsmouth, OH
Stir up Love and Good Works Gary Smith August 27, 2005 Portsmouth, OH
If Anyone Has Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear Gary Smith August 28, 2010 Portsmouth, OH
The Hope of Our Salvation: The Wedding of the Lamb Ken Shoemaker September 10, 2018 Portsmouth, OH
Spiritual Boot Camp Ken Shoemaker October 14, 2017 Portsmouth, OH
The Road Less Traveled Kevin Call May 13, 2017 Portsmouth, OH
Living in the Season of Joy Kevin Call October 21, 2017 Portsmouth, OH
Rise and Go to the Father Frank Dunkle September 26, 2012 Portsmouth, OH
As a Senior in the Church, How Are You Doing? Daniel Evans March 25, 2017 Portsmouth, OH