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Brainwash or Belief? Matthew Miller April 9, 2016 Salem, OR
Building a Stronger Church Richard Harmon May 20, 2018 Salem, OR
Is God Real? ROGER GRISWOLD May 25, 2019 Salem, OR
Let Go or Get Going? Matthew Miller February 24, 2018 Salem, OR
Which Leader Will We Follow? Ed Emery April 26, 2019 Salem, OR
The Blessing of Healing Ed Emery June 23, 2018 Salem, OR
What Are You Wearing? Richard Harmon March 12, 2016 Salem, OR
Faith in Life ROGER GRISWOLD January 26, 2019 Salem, OR
Your Comfort Zone and the Power of God's Spirit Bruce Hansen January 11, 2020 Salem, OR
Fall Forward ROGER GRISWOLD February 26, 2022 Salem, OR
One King's Fatal Flaw Bruce Hansen July 11, 2020 Salem, OR
Feast Lessons Richard Harmon December 10, 2016 Salem, OR
Biography of Nicodemus Bob Fahey May 26, 2018 Salem, OR
Using Gods Spirit Matthew Miller February 23, 2019 Salem, OR
To Every Creature Matthew Miller March 26, 2022 Salem, OR
Put the Stick Down Ed Emery April 29, 2016 Salem, OR
Lessons From the Book of Daniel, Chapter 5 (the Mistakes of Belshazzar) Bruce Hansen March 24, 2018 Salem, OR
Connecting the Feast of Trumpets ROGER GRISWOLD September 7, 2021 Salem, OR
Lgbtq and Christian, Too? Bruce Hansen October 23, 2021 Salem, OR
Marriage Advice Carl Koester August 13, 2016 Salem, OR