Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People


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Why the Doctrine of the Laying on of Hands? John Cafourek November 14, 2015 Salem, OR
How Do We View Lawlessness? Ed Emery April 17, 2017 Salem, OR
Get Real Matthew Miller June 22, 2019 Salem, OR
The Perfect Dilemma Matthew Miller January 27, 2018 Salem, OR
Dwell Together Matthew Miller November 28, 2020 Salem, OR
Don’t Just ‘endure’, but Endure! Ed Emery July 11, 2020 Salem, OR
Five Steps to Conversion Carl Kinsella June 9, 2019 Salem, OR
Benefits of the Bread of Life Carl Kinsella April 11, 2020 Eugene, OR; Roseburg, OR; Salem, OR
Lessons From Daniel in Babylon (Part 1) Bruce Hansen March 11, 2017 Salem, OR
Weebles Wobble... but They Don't Fall Down Ben Light October 28, 2017 Salem, OR; Eugene, OR
Choices ROGER GRISWOLD November 23, 2019 Salem, OR
The Forest and the Trees, and Unleavened Bread Carl Kinsella April 6, 2018 Salem, OR
What Can We Learn? ROGER GRISWOLD April 25, 2020 Salem, OR
The Problem With Riches Bruce Hansen January 29, 2022 Salem, OR
The Temptation of Christ (Part 1): Types and Antitypes Ben Light October 9, 2021 Salem, OR
The Climb ROGER GRISWOLD February 22, 2020 Salem, OR
The Fields Are White for Harvest Ben Light April 18, 2020 Salem, OR
The Salesman Ben Light June 22, 2019 Salem, OR
The Restoration of All Things Ben Light September 10, 2018 Salem, OR
Our Best Year Yet Ben Light August 31, 2019 Salem, OR