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The Authority of Scripture Ben Light January 29, 2022 Salem, OR
Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment Ben Light September 30, 2017 Salem, OR
The Abilene Paradox: Part 3 Ben Light September 9, 2017 Salem, OR; Eugene, OR
On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! Carl Kinsella May 16, 2021 Salem, OR
What Is Your Value? Ben Light January 30, 2021 Salem, OR
What Is Your Value? Ben Light January 30, 2021 Salem, OR
God's Vision for You Ben Light June 23, 2018 Salem, OR
Don't Stop Praying Carl Kinsella July 28, 2018 Salem, OR
The Curve of Forgetting Ben Light December 9, 2017 Salem, OR; Eugene, OR
Blessings and Cursings Ben Light October 13, 2018 Salem, OR
Let My People Go John Cafourek April 2, 2016 Salem, OR
The Optics of Our Calling Ken Loucks January 6, 2018 Salem, OR
How Diligently Do We Seek God’s Righteousness? John Cafourek November 5, 2016 Salem, OR
What Is Man That You Are Mindful of Him? Ben Light June 15, 2019 Salem, OR
Remember Your Why (Part 2) Ben Light May 30, 2020 Eugene, OR; Roseburg, OR; Salem, OR
The Supreme Sacrifice of Jesus Christ John Cafourek April 8, 2017 Salem, OR
Discerning Truth in a Post-Truth World (Part 1) Ben Light January 25, 2020 Salem, OR
The Hand of God Richard Harmon March 20, 2021 Salem, OR
Wild Olives Ben Light October 24, 2020 Salem, OR
The Temptation of Christ (Part 5): In the Presence of God Ben Light December 18, 2021 Salem, OR