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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Peacemakers Gail Allwine January 28, 2006 Spokane, WA
Build Your House Gregory Czech December 31, 2005 Spokane, WA
King of Kings Perry Miller October 4, 2005 Spokane, WA
A Kingdom of Priests Gregory Czech July 9, 2005 Spokane, WA
Release From Bondage Robert Dick June 12, 2005 Spokane, WA
Encouragement Robert Dick June 11, 2005 Spokane, WA; Seattle, WA
Fasting: A Tool for Spiritual Growth Denny Luker May 28, 2005 Spokane, WA
Take out Sin, Put in Christ Dan Deininger April 30, 2005 Spokane, WA
The Pillar and the Cloud Howard Davis April 30, 2005 Spokane, WA
The Curse of the Ground Mike Iiams April 24, 2005 Spokane, WA
The Personal Hope of Passover Gregory Czech April 23, 2005 Spokane, WA
Be Wise: Learn Cause and Effect Don Hooser January 15, 2005 Spokane, WA
What on Earth Is the Devil Doing Today? Howard Davis September 25, 2004 Spokane, WA
The Promise of Christ's Return Perry Miller September 16, 2004 Spokane, WA
So What About Baptism? Mike Iiams July 31, 2004 Spokane, WA
Special Gifts Gregory Czech June 12, 2004 Spokane, WA
God's Holy Spirit: What It Does for Us Roy Holladay May 30, 2004 Spokane, WA
Walk the Walk Dan Deininger May 30, 2004 Spokane, WA
Becoming Godly People Roc Corbett May 30, 2004 Cincinnati East, OH; Spokane, WA
Life: God's Purpose for Mankind Roy Holladay May 29, 2004 Spokane, WA