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Title Speaker Datesort ascending Congregation(s) Length
Lessons From Jericho: Leveling the Walls of Sin Paul Moody April 13, 2012 Spokane, WA
Days of Unleavened Bread and Our Relationship With God Matthew Pendergast April 13, 2012 Spokane, WA
The Battle Is the Lord's Mike Iiams April 7, 2012 Spokane, WA
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Gregory Czech February 18, 2012 Spokane, WA
The Kingdom Is at Hand Paul Moody January 21, 2012 Spokane, WA
Becoming a Man Rex Sexton January 14, 2012 Spokane, WA
Press On Gregory Czech December 3, 2011 Spokane, WA
Exercising Our Spiritual Discipline Paul Moody November 26, 2011 Spokane, WA
If God Had a Cell Phone, Would You Txt Him? Ed Dowd October 22, 2011 Spokane, WA
Oh Lord, How Long? Gregory Czech September 29, 2011 Spokane, WA
Jesus Christ's Qualifications to Be King Perry Miller September 29, 2011 Spokane, WA
What's He Been Doing? Mike Iiams September 24, 2011 Spokane, WA
The Restoration of All Things Paul Moody September 10, 2011 Spokane, WA
God's Holy Spirit Works in You Perry Miller August 20, 2011 Spokane, WA
God and Mammon Gregory Czech August 13, 2011 Spokane, WA
The Seven Laws of Success Mike Iiams July 23, 2011 Spokane, WA
Forgiveness: Christ's Edition Oludare Akinbo May 28, 2011 Spokane, WA
Seven Last Sayings of Jesus Christ Mike Iiams April 16, 2011 Spokane, WA
The Body of Christ Gregory Czech March 26, 2011 Spokane, WA
The Power of "i'm Sorry" Mike Iiams January 1, 2011 Spokane, WA