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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
How Extraordinarily Deep Is God’s Love for Humanity Braden Veller March 28, 2020 Ft. Myers, FL; Ocala, FL; Tallahassee, FL; Vero Beach, FL
Do You Forgive God? Eric Koester February 29, 2020 Vero Beach, FL
Becoming Attached to the Good Olive Tree Bill Wilson February 15, 2020 Vero Beach, FL
Living Forgiveness Eric Koester February 8, 2020 Vero Beach, FL
How Grace Reconciles Us to God Moses Summers February 8, 2020 Vero Beach, FL
Learning to Pray in the Spirit Bill Wilson February 1, 2020 Vero Beach, FL
Is Our House in Order Randy McQuien January 18, 2020 Vero Beach, FL
Look Past Our Own Understanding Eric Koester January 11, 2020 Vero Beach, FL
Create and Rest Bob Orosz January 4, 2020 Vero Beach, FL
The Soundness of Heart and Mind Randy McQuien December 28, 2019 Vero Beach, FL
Our Relationship With God Eric Koester December 14, 2019 Vero Beach, FL
Facing an Invisible Adversary Bob Orosz December 14, 2019 Vero Beach, FL
Godly Peacemaking Mike Fike November 9, 2019 Vero Beach, FL
The Enemies of Gratitude Bob Orosz November 2, 2019 Vero Beach, FL
We All Want a Happy Family Lonnie Mooneyham August 24, 2019 Vero Beach, FL
The Importance of a Day Randy McQuien July 27, 2019 Vero Beach, FL
After Being Washed, We Put on Humility Bill Wilson July 20, 2019 Vero Beach, FL
Is God Your God? Bill Wilson June 29, 2019 Vero Beach, FL
Why We Should Attend Church Moses Summers May 11, 2019 Vero Beach, FL
The Wonder of Jesus Christ and the Sabbath Bill Wilson January 26, 2019 Vero Beach, FL