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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
The Power of God’s Spirit Greg Thomas May 20, 2018 North Canton, OH
Great Women and Mothers in Scripture - Part 2 Greg Thomas May 12, 2018 Cleveland, OH
Respecting God's Seniors Greg Thomas April 14, 2018 Cleveland, OH
The Sinking of the Titanic Greg Thomas April 6, 2018 North Canton, OH
How Abraham Became Obedient and Faithful: Warts and All Greg Thomas March 31, 2018 Cleveland, OH
A Basic History of the Passover: "you Shall Bruise His Heel" Greg Thomas March 24, 2018 Cleveland, OH
How to Create a Spiritual Mission Statement: Reaching Forward to Things Which Are Ahead Greg Thomas March 17, 2018 Cleveland, OH
Three Important Ways We Can Demonstrate Good Works: Created in Christ Jesus for Good Works Greg Thomas March 3, 2018 Cleveland, OH
Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity: Our Role, God's Promise and His Pleasure Greg Thomas February 17, 2018 Cleveland, OH
Do You Have a Scarcity or Abundance Mentality? Greg Thomas February 3, 2018 Cleveland, OH
Understanding the Law of the Harvest Greg Thomas January 20, 2018 Cleveland, OH
The Apostles: Foundation of the Church of God Greg Thomas January 6, 2018 Cleveland, OH
The Birth of Our Savior: Separating Fact From Fiction Greg Thomas December 16, 2017 Cleveland, OH
Our Three Inner Voices Greg Thomas December 2, 2017 Cleveland, OH
Why We Have More to Be Thankful for Than Anyone Else: How Much Appreciation Do We Have? Greg Thomas November 11, 2017 Cleveland, OH
Why the World Needs the Kingdom of God Now: Part 2 Greg Thomas November 4, 2017 Cleveland, OH
Why the World Needs the Kingdom of God Now: Part 1 Greg Thomas November 4, 2017 Cleveland, OH
Whoever Humbles Himself as a Little Child: Lessons From Christ Regarding Humility Greg Thomas October 21, 2017 Cleveland, OH
Perspectives on the Feast of Trumpets Greg Thomas September 21, 2017 North Canton, OH
Two Myths About the Kingdom of God Greg Thomas September 9, 2017 Cleveland, OH