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How Should Members Deal With Stress? Jim Tuck January 8, 2011 Sacramento, CA
What Are the Implications of Removing Leavening? Jim Tuck February 17, 2018 Phoenix, AZ
Examine Yourself - Are You in the Faith? Jim Tuck March 4, 2017 Phoenix, AZ
He That Has an Ear to Listen Jim Tuck November 11, 2017 Phoenix, AZ
Coming Back from the Land of Ham Jim Tuck September 6, 2014 Oakland, CA
Redemption of Israel and the World Jim Tuck October 17, 2016 Oceanside, California 2016
Why Not Keep Christmas? Jim Tuck December 16, 2017 Phoenix, AZ
How Can My Prayers Reach Beyond the Ceiling? Jim Tuck May 7, 2011 Oakland, CA; San Jose, CA
Trumpets: Warnings of God Jim Tuck September 25, 2014 Oakland, CA
What Is the Kingdom of God? Jim Tuck September 10, 2011 San Jose, CA
How Good and How Pleasant to Dwell Together in Unity Jim Tuck January 14, 2012 Oakland, CA
Who Ever Invented Marriage and Family? Jim Tuck February 11, 2017 Phoenix, AZ
Atonement: Day of Pardons Jim Tuck October 12, 2016 Phoenix, AZ
The Two Sons of Promise Jim Tuck February 15, 2014 Oakland, CA
Are You Laying up Treasures in Heaven? Jim Tuck July 23, 2011 Phoenix, AZ
Double Honor Jim Tuck August 27, 2016 Phoenix, AZ
What Kind of Place Should the Church Be? Jim Tuck December 2, 2017 Phoenix, AZ
Coming Out of Sin is Step by Step Jim Tuck April 20, 2013 Oakland, CA; San Jose, CA
Who Was Jesus Before Human Birth Jim Tuck August 12, 2017 Phoenix, AZ
Remember Mrs. Lot Jim Tuck February 3, 2018 Phoenix, AZ