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Finish the Race Strong Randy D'Alessandro October 15, 2014 Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin 2014
How Does a Christian "Prepare His Heart" to Seek God? Randy D'Alessandro March 23, 2013 Ann Arbor, MI
The Nurturing Home Is Created by Nurturing Parents, Part 2: Mothers Randy D'Alessandro May 30, 2015 Detroit, MI
So What's Your Excuse? Randy D'Alessandro September 14, 2013 Ann Arbor, MI
Deuteronomy 8 Randy D'Alessandro August 11, 2012 Ann Arbor, MI
Christ Counsels His Church to Develop 7 Foundational Attitudes!: Part 3: Pergamos Randy D'Alessandro May 12, 2018 Chicago, IL
The Power of Godly Hope Randy D'Alessandro April 6, 2013 Ann Arbor, MI
Pentecost Pictures God's Power of Light Defeating Satan's Power of Darkness Randy D'Alessandro June 12, 2011 Ann Arbor, MI
What Do You Do After the Worst Day of Your Life? Randy D'Alessandro March 9, 2013 Ann Arbor, MI
The Weekly Sabbath- Holy Time We Enjoy in All Seasons of the Year Randy D'Alessandro December 1, 2018 Beloit, WI
Our God Is the God of All Comfort Randy D'Alessandro July 14, 2012 Ann Arbor, MI
Isaiah Chapter 7 Randy D'Alessandro June 1, 2019 Beloit, WI
What Spiritual Lesson Does the Blessing of Children Teach Us? Randy D'Alessandro October 21, 2017 Chicago, IL
Take up Our Cross and Follow Christ: What Does That Mean? Randy D'Alessandro April 20, 2019 Beloit, WI
Deuteronomy 32-34 Randy D'Alessandro December 5, 2015 Detroit, MI
How Can We Have a More Consistent Walk With God? Randy D'Alessandro March 17, 2018 Chicago, IL; Beloit, WI
Natural Sight Shows Us Challenges: Spiritual Sight Shows Us Solutions! Randy D'Alessandro April 21, 2014 Ann Arbor, MI
Are We Drifting Toward Our Destruction? Randy D'Alessandro April 15, 2017 Chicago, IL; Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 2016
The Story of Elijah: Depend on God for All Things Randy D'Alessandro January 12, 2019 Beloit, WI; Chicago, IL
What Are the Signs of the End of the Age? Randy D'Alessandro February 19, 2011 Ann Arbor, MI