Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People


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God's Grace Randy D'Alessandro July 23, 2016 Beloit, WI
Daniel Chapter One Randy D'Alessandro January 9, 2016 Detroit, MI; Ann Arbor, MI
Daniel 9: the 70 Weeks Prophecy Randy D'Alessandro December 2, 2017 Beloit, WI
The Book of Micah, Part 2: Micah 3-4 Randy D'Alessandro June 15, 2013 Ann Arbor, MI
How Should a Christian Prepare for the End of the Age? Randy D'Alessandro January 24, 2015 Ann Arbor, MI
The Blessings of the Blood Randy D'Alessandro April 6, 2019 Beloit, WI
The Beatitudes Are Godly Attitudes Producing Godly Action, Part 1 Randy D'Alessandro January 9, 2021 Chicago, IL
The Holy Spirit Empowers the Christian to Make Real, Dynamic Spiritual Change! Randy D'Alessandro May 31, 2020 Chicago, IL; Beloit, WI
How Do I Know if I'm Growing Spiritually? Randy D'Alessandro September 2, 2017 Chicago, IL
Is God Calling Our Children Now? Randy D'Alessandro October 12, 2013 Ann Arbor, MI
What Are the Keys to Winning the Prize? Randy D'Alessandro September 30, 2018 Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin 2018
God’s Holy Spirit Provides Us the Power to Change What Seems to Be Unchangeable Randy D'Alessandro May 24, 2015 Ann Arbor, MI
A Time of Victory and Thanksgiving: The Last Day of Unleavened Bread Pictures All This and More Randy D'Alessandro April 17, 2017 Beloit, WI
How Are You Doing with the Passover Covenant God Has Made with You? Randy D'Alessandro February 28, 2015 Ann Arbor, MI
Isaiah Bible Study Series: Chapter 1 Continued, Chapter 2 Randy D'Alessandro September 15, 2018 Chicago, IL
The Comfort of the Scriptures Gives Us Hope! Randy D'Alessandro April 27, 2019 Chicago, IL
Ephesus: Christ Counsels His Church to Develop 7 Foundational Attitudes - Part 1 Randy D'Alessandro April 21, 2018 Chicago, IL
How Does a Christian Cultivate a Deep Relationship With God in Satan's World? Randy D'Alessandro February 23, 2019 Beloit, WI
Daniel Chapter Two: Daniel: a Man of Prayer Randy D'Alessandro January 7, 2017 Chicago, IL; Beloit, WI
Isaiah Proclaimed a Message of Hope Through the Messiah! Randy D'Alessandro June 15, 2019 Chicago, IL