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Why Have We Come to God's Feast of Tabernacles? Randy D'Alessandro October 16, 2016 Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 2016
How Do We “stir Up” God’s Holy Spirit? Randy D'Alessandro November 9, 2019 Chicago, IL
God's Way of Life: Characterized by Freedom - Part 2 Randy D'Alessandro July 20, 2019 Beloit, WI
Do Your Apologies Hurt or Heal? Randy D'Alessandro January 31, 2015 Detroit, MI
How Do We Stir up God's Holy Spirit Randy D'Alessandro November 2, 2019 Beloit, WI
Are You as Spiritually Tough as Jesus? Part 2 Randy D'Alessandro January 11, 2014 Detroit, MI
Isaiah Chapter 10: God Judges the Heart Randy D'Alessandro December 21, 2019 Chicago, IL
The Passover Reminds Us That We Have Been Called to a Life of Humble Service! Randy D'Alessandro March 4, 2017 Chicago, IL; Beloit, WI
Blessings From "the Bread" Randy D'Alessandro March 30, 2019 Chicago, IL
Jesus Christ Is the True Manna -- the True Bread of Life Randy D'Alessandro March 28, 2020 Chicago, IL
Passover Lesson: Reflect on Christ’s Commitment and Dedication Randy D'Alessandro April 9, 2016 Ann Arbor, MI; Detroit, MI
Daniel 9: The 70 Weeks Prophecy Randy D'Alessandro May 14, 2016 Ann Arbor, MI; Detroit, MI
Isaiah 11-12: God, His Plan, and His People Are Victorious! Randy D'Alessandro February 8, 2020 Beloit, WI
Daniel Chapters 4-5 Counting the Cost Randy D'Alessandro May 27, 2017 Chicago, IL
Daniel Chapters 4-5 Counting the Cost Randy D'Alessandro May 27, 2017 Chicago, IL
What Counsel Does God Have for Us When Our Back Is up Against the Wall? Randy D'Alessandro April 10, 2015 Detroit, MI
America: The Beautifully Blest! Randy D'Alessandro July 5, 2014 Ann Arbor, MI
What Spiritual Lessons Do We Learn From the Leviticus 16 Ceremony? Randy D'Alessandro September 30, 2017 Chicago, IL
Where Are We on Life's Journey from the Immature to the Mature? Randy D'Alessandro December 26, 2015 Ann Arbor, MI; Detroit, MI
What New Testament Spiritual Lessons Do We Learn from the Death of the Old Testament Passover Lamb? Randy D'Alessandro March 14, 2015 Ann Arbor, MI