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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
How Come It's Taking So Long? Part 1 Robin Webber November 16, 2013 Los Angeles, CA
Baptism 101 Robin Webber November 9, 2013 San Diego, CA
When Does Come Mean Come Robin Webber October 5, 2013 San Diego, CA
God Through You Is the Feast Robin Webber September 19, 2013 Oceanside, California 2013
The Hour of Judgement Has Come Robin Webber September 5, 2013 Los Angeles, CA
Grace and Peace Robin Webber August 24, 2013 Los Angeles, CA
Grace and Peace Underlined by Love Robin Webber August 17, 2013 San Diego, CA
I Will Give You a Crown of Life Robin Webber August 10, 2013 Cincinnati East, OH; Los Angeles, CA
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Keys to an Open Church Robin Webber August 3, 2013 Los Angeles, CA
Obey God and Leave the Consequences to Him Robin Webber July 27, 2013 San Diego, CA
Your Vision of God Versus the Image of Gold Robin Webber July 20, 2013 Los Angeles, CA
I Will Give You the Crown of Life Robin Webber July 13, 2013 San Diego, CA
What Is Written in Your Heart? Robin Webber June 29, 2013 Los Angeles, CA
Unless the Lord Builds the House Robin Webber June 15, 2013 San Diego, CA
The DNA of Babylon Through the Ages Robin Webber June 1, 2013 Los Angeles, CA
Jerusalem vs. Babylon Robin Webber May 25, 2013 Redlands, CA
By My Spirit Robin Webber May 18, 2013 Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA
Honor Our Mothers Robin Webber May 11, 2013 Redlands, CA
Honoring Mothers, Now and Always Robin Webber May 11, 2013 San Diego, CA
Being God's Instrument of Encouragement Robin Webber April 27, 2013 Los Angeles, CA